Guess What... Heaven Is for Real

The Heaven Is for Real Page was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Heaven is for Real, Colton Burpo, Life After Death

The Amazing And True Story Of Colton Burpo


     Kids don't complicate the issue... they don't beat around the bush and they tell it like it is. That's what makes it so believable and understandable. When Colton tells his story it is the unknown that he knows... the unimaginable that he takes for granted and the peace that he shares that makes his story so real and hopeful.

Heaven Is for Real, Tell The World

It's Amazing That People Don't Get It!

So Many Worries and Fears and Problems... and People rob themselves of the Hope and Peace and Comfort of Knowing That There is A Heaven. Just like at the end of a plane trip you know there is an Airport... There is a landing Spot! So It Is With Life... When Our Journey is Done... There Is A Beautiful Place Full of Light And Love and Hope. Heaven Is for Real!

Heaven Is Real

No More Sickness, Sorrow Or Pain!

We Don't Have To Be Fearful and Sad. It's Not The End... It Is The Wonderful and Beautiful New Beginning That Each True Child Of God Desires in Their Heart! 


The Bridge Between Life & Death, Life After Death

Colton's Story of visiting Heaven is not some big rarity. Many have been there. Many have been through life after death experiences and come back to tell of the beauties that await. Just type in Life after Death into your search engine and see what comes up... hundreds of examples, You Tube is the same. This is a very common occurance... not everyday, but many have been down this road. 

The Lord allows this I'm sure to encourage us to keep fighting for our beliefs... keep fighting for the truth... and to inspire us all to get out and share the message of Salvation with others. Heaven is Real and awaits all those who believe and receive the Lord into their lives.

Where Friends Never Leave Us... 

Love Never Dies... 
Dreams Come True!

Not Only Is It Real..
But It Is More Real
Much More Permanent...
This Temporary World We Live in Now!

It Must Be That God Hides The Beauty From Us Now and  Allows Us To Be Fearful of Death and Dying So We Won't Give Up Prematurely... So That We Will Fulfill Our Destiny Here!

Ian McCormick's Story

Heaven Is...Where Hope Lives

And The Road of Life...
Opens Into Eternity!

Ya Gotta Know...

That... Heaven Is For Real!

That's It For This One Friends…

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