Heaven Awaits

Wonders At The End of Life's Road

The HEAVEN PAGE Was Penned & Compiled by Peter O'Neill

heaven where love reigns for all, time shall be no more

We All Face An End...

And We've All Felt The Sadness...

At The Departure Of Someone We Love

death, loss, funeral, heartache, sadness

But Ya Gotta Know That...

Death is Gateway to Eternity, life after death

At The End Of  This Life

There Is More

There Is Hope...

There Is Life After Death...

Heaven, tunnel to heaven, eternal life

All Our Fears, Worries, Pains, 

Problems & Trials... Washed Away

heaven quote, better heaven, life after death

A Place Where All Life's Wrongs

Will Finally Be Made Right

And God Will Wipe Away All Our Tears

child crying, sad baby, healing

No Matter What

Injustice, Tragedy

Or Sorrow...

earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal

At The End Of Life's Journey
Wonders Abound
For Every Child Of God

Life after Death, meeting jesus, Heaven, Jesus, Home, Eternal life

The Bottom Line

Heaven Awaits- As of October 9th, 2009 the World Has 6.789 billion People. Each of them like you and me... with Dreams and Hopes, Fears and Worries, Goodness and Weakness... Each With One Common Fate, One Common Destiny... We are all Going to Die! What an unpopular subject that is... but what an amazing Surety! Be it a car crash, a disease, a war, an earthquake... life as we know it is going to end here, but life is not going to end.

It's Been Seen

There are a million examples of people who have temporarily died and come back from what awaits... to tell the tale. Some find it unbelievably wonderful and live their lives with the hope of what awaits... others are terribly troubled and disturbed by their experience and seek to change their lives here for the better. This is covered in a different section on "Life After Death" in our Forums. What We Want to Cover Here though is God's Eternal City and the Wonders that Do Await Us!

If You Have Questions About How To Get To This Wonderful Place...

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Heaven, New Jerusalem, Heavenly City

What's Gods' Magic City Like?

To Describe the Creators' City as an Simple Earthly City is a Weak Substitute. It can be better glimpsed in the Golden Magic of a Beautiful Sunset or in the Awe and Power... as the Golden Harvest Moon Rises on a Cloudless Night! It is the Handiwork of God in All His Glory. The Beauty of His Creations Here & Now... Touch Upon The Wonders That Await.

We See Little Glimpses of
What Heaven Is...

The Beauty Of A Flower
As It Glows In The Sun

beautiful flower, sunshine, in sun

The Smile on a Wee Child's Face

sweet child, smile, happy kid

That Quiet Magic Waking Moment

Between Sleep and Being Awake...

When You Can

Briefly Glimpse

The Eternal

sleep, sweet dreams, dreaming of heaven

We Are Constantly Surrounded By
Enthralling Samples Of
Divine Transparency

Heavenly Sunset, Magic, Heaven, Life after Death

Fleeting Glimpses

Of What Awaits

A little touch of Heaven, Harvest Moon,  Life after Death

His City of Love & Light

heaven quote, the best is yet to come

So Always Remember We Are  Just Strangers 

Passing Through

This World...

And "The Here & Now"

Is Not Our Final Destination!

The Best Is Yet To Come

 Let Not Your Heart be Troubled:
You believe in God, Believe also in Me.
In My Father's House There Are Many Mansions:
If it were not so, I would have Told You.
 I Go To Prepare a Place for You.

That Where I Am,
You May Be Also.

John 14: 1-3

Heaven, Heavenly City, Life after Death

Colton's Journey...
Through The Gate & Back Again
#1 Best Selling Book... Heaven Is For Real

heaven is for real, colton's story

Today Show Interview

Sure Does Give A Person
Reason To Hope

jesus and children, jesus and lion, heaven, hope of heaven,

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