Paralyzed Christianity

Paralyzed Christianity Was Penned & Compiled by Peter O'Neill

In The Face Of Millions Of Attacks
What Do Sincere Christians Do...
To Keep The Movement... Moving?

Confused christians, paralyzed christians, christian cartoon

Assailed By Enemies of The Gospel
On The Extreme Far Left…

Enemies of Gospel, christian haters

Terrorized By Insane
Fascist Religious Fanatics
On The Right

Evil Attacks Of The Enemy

Attacked In A 1000 Ways...
By Evil People Who Hate God
& The Followers Of Love, Mercy & Peace

We Can Get Discouraged & Confused...
& Go From A Church On Fire For God...
To A Church (building) On Fire & Paralyzed

Paralyzed Christianity Is An Enemy
Sent Infection On God's People


See Evil for what it is

And Keep Your Eyes Open
At Home Also

Here We Are Faced With
The Pushers of
Pet Peeves

From With-in The Christian Community

Harold Camping

Often We Can Be Caught Between
The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea.

Danger To The Left Of Us &
Danger To The Right Of Us
Only In God's Will Is There Safety

God Help Me, Show Me What to do

Folks Are Tied Up in Knots...
Not Knowing... 

They Should Believe

They Should Do

What Are Their God-given Priorities &...

What Really Matters

confused christians, questions, jesus, direction

It's The Nightmare
Of Paralyzed Christianity

Folks Get Discouraged...

They Loose That Heavenly Vision &
Then They Perish From Fruitful Service

Gods Will, God's Leading, Direction


For God's Sake

Don't Be Discouraged

Fight the good fight of faith

Be In Tune

We Are All Out There In God's Grand Symphonic Production and The Presentation Is sometimes a Mess Because Some Greatly Talented Musicians Are Out There Blasting There Own Riffs and Pushing There Own Personnel Pet Peeves. Kind of like a little Kid saying hey look at me… over here… give me your attention… give me your support. They find some interesting point of scripture to lay their claim to fame on and make a huge issue out of that one point... But Often they are so out there that... it messes up the symphony.

They Forget or Ignore What We Are Really Here For! Maybe they get their support or influence, but look what happens to those that follow them… they loose the vision and sight of the real goal of Winning & Reaching The World For Jesus. They Get their eyes off the real War at hand and they weaken the troops that God has entrusted to their care.

We Need To Stand Up For The Truth
Keep it Simple... Keep It Honest...
Keep It Strong

If you could see the light and inspiration on new believers faces in China when the country opened up in the 80's it would have left a lifelong influence on you. They didn't care about all the trip offs or funny doctrines that many brought with them… they went to the root and got Jesus… and they were willing to go with all the other stuff... so they could get the Lord. The Love… That Hope… That freedom was worth it all. They'd give up anything for it… even their lives… and many did.

In Unity There Is Strength
United We Stand
Divided We Fall

100 years ago a great Christian Nation let themselves get tripped off from their unity and led away by their own selfish desires and they were destroyed! Russia went from Greatness to Hell in a very short period of time. 

There Is A Great Lesson There
And We Should Take Heed

Paralyzed-Christianity Was Originally Posted In 2011

Unquestionably there were many folks in Russia who when faced with such a Demonic Government and obvious world chaos, wrongfully concluded this was the end of the world. Jesus is coming back soon and this is it… But it wasn't… not yet. 

We need to learn from that situation and see that though there might be many signs and the world is definitely moving in that direction… it's not the end yet... and we need to keep going forward for God. This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the World… and then the end shall come.

Not just a tract here and there or a life changed and reached here and there, but a real chance for the gospel to be preached and the world to be reached. A chance for every nation to really hear and know the Lord… and then... the end... will come!

Sadly Though...

As Toynbee Said…
The Only Thing We Learn From History…
Is That…
We Don't learn from History.

The Solution... Keep It Simple
Stick With The Basics
And Stand Up For Your Faith

Paralyzed Christianity Was Originally Posted In 2011

Be Bold

Be Brave
Be Loving
With The Simple Joy of The Gospel
And The Precious Gift Of Salvation

Be bold, Stand Up, Shout

Don't Be Afraid

Be Courageous
And Live Every Day For The Lord.

Give It All You've Got &
Get To That Great Destiny That God Has For You

Like These Did In The Middle Of War

Be His Candle... Set Upon A Hill

let your light so shine
let your light shine, candle

Lastly We Close With A Neat Word of Devotion by Bethany Hamilton. Someone Who Could Have Let Great Pain & Heartbreak Paralyze Her Spirit. Instead She Let Life's Conundrums Propel Her... On To Her Destiny!

When All Seemed Hopeless & Lost
She Reached Out
And Touched The World For God

May We All

Ride That Same

Wave Of Faith...

Over The Ocean of Troubles

The Enemy Tries To Throw At Us

God Help Us

To Rise Above

That's It For This One Friends…

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Paralyzed Christianity Was Originally Posted In 2011

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