You Are Beautiful ... Even If... Sometimes You Just Can't See It

You're Beautiful was Written By Peter O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity

bullying, cruelty, quote, life is tough

And It can Be Unbelievably Complicated

funny complex, complicated world, over complicated, confusing, exaggerated

But Really...

All We Have To Do Is...

simple, keep it simple, uncomplicated, simple quote

And See It... 
As God Sees It

You Don't Need to Be

A Rocket Scientist

rocket scientist, scientist, mad scientist

You Don't Have to Know

All The Angles

funny angles, angles quote, funny geometry

The Really Important Thing Is...

You Are Beautiful


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Be Smart...

self image, as God Sees you, quote

Through All Your


Heartaches & Trials...

brokenhearted, crying, tear, sad, alone

He Will Always Be There


He Knows You

For What You

Really... Truly Are

When disappointments come… when a loved one leaves you… when a job fails… when your health goes downhill… when you are weary with it all. When you don’t have an answer… WHEN IT ALL SEEMS TOO HARD AND TOO COMPLICATED… know that He Understands. Right down to the most finite details … 

He Knows… He Loves…  He Cares 
Nothing His Truth Can Dim 
He Gives the Very Best 
To Those That Leave the Choices 
Up To Him 

Put your hand in His and Trust Him. When the way is Dark have Faith… Through it All… No Matter What... And He Will See You Through! 

be who you are, be yourself, joseph campbellquote

In all of creation there is nothing so precious as you. He loved you so much that He was willing to die for you, to set you free. He is your greatest friend… your greatest supporter. He will fight your battles for you… He will provide for you. When you are weak... He will pick you up… when you are weary... He will give you rest. He Will Be With You Forever and Ever… from Age to Age… When ALL THIS WORLD rots and goes to dust… When the sinking sands of this world vanish into oblivion… you will still have Him… and He will Still Have You! It is the Eternal Promise of God and His Greatest Gift to Us All!

you are beautiful, god made you, quote

Never Fear...

Never Doubt...

"Always Know"

"Always Remember"

That You Are



beautiful baby, smiling baby, happy baby

& You Are Perfect In His Eyes

Share It

you are wonderful, beautiful, fantastic

Say It

i am beautiful, positive quote

Live It

you all god made you to be

Believe It

no matter what they say, sticks and stones can break my bones

Remember That

possibilities quote

And He Knows
That You Are Wonderfully & Perfectly Made.
Come On...

smile, you're beautiful

 By MercyMe 

 See Yourself As God Sees You...

As The Wonderful & Potential Soul That You Are.

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We Love You & Know

That You

Are Precious In His Eyes!

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