Staying Healthy
& Growing Old With Grace

The Secrets To Staying Healthy Page Is Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Growing Old Isn't A Bad Thing
If You Do It The Right Way

They say 2 things in life are certain... Death & Taxes... We'd like to add a 3rd... Growing older! The thing is... unlike death & taxes... aging doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sadly... many peoples' golden years are garbage because they either just don't take care of themselves. (and/or)... They stray away from the Lord and the basic bottom line principles that are so essential to staying healthy and having an inspiring winter season of life.

To Stay On Track... Here's Our take.

#1 The Most Important Thing Is Love

When you are worried, stressed... or out of sorts, it is scientifically proven that your body stops producing white blood cells. Those are the blood cells that rid your body of small cancers and are a key in staying healthy. Folks who live in a loving peaceful environment will automatically gain the health advantage. For The Specifics Of The Science On That... Click Here

love is key, growing old, quote

Treasure What's Important

Some People get soooo into making a zillion bucks or pushing some project... that they neglect the most important thing in life, which is their relationship with the Lord & those around them. Eventually... often too late... many folks realize the importance of God, family & friends.

The money is gonna burn and the projects are going to crumble, but your loved ones are yours forever. Staying healthy spiritually will greatly affect your staying healthy physically. So loving God and those around you is huge. It should be your greatest priority in life!

older couple, aging with grace, sweet retired couple

Common Sense Stuff

There is so much in the Word about taking care of your body... but folks just miss it and they get busy etc... and that can create huge physical problems.

growing old together

1) Keep your weight down by thinking in terms of how much sugar you are putting into your body... and I don't mean candy! If you're over 40 & haven't gotten off the ice cream and the sweets already... you are already in trouble. Double Dips are not the starting line in the Seniors weight race... they are the end of the line. 

The starting line is when you are eating healthy foods in general and you are still fighting to keep your weight down. The problem is many seemingly "Healthy Foods" quickly turn into sucrose (sugar) and because of your body's inability to metabolize or process those sugars... your anatomy instead responds... by storing it into fat. 

Try to avoid the breads, pancakes, pastas... dips and chips. Be Smart & Avoid The Tarts! Do what your Mama told you... eat your fruits and vegetables. Also eat more rice and boiled or backed potatoes. 

Also it helps to cut back on big orders of red meats and heavy proteins. As you get older, most folks livers just can't process the things they used to eat when they were younger. (Click Here For an excellent article that explains more) Try a bit of healthy fish or skinless chicken instead.

Disaster and Deep Fried... are two words that go together very well. Any High Fat product is High Risk! Processed foods are also a miss. 

Eat More Natural Whole Foods

eat your fruits and vegetables

If it's not fresh... it's not for you.
Processed food is like eating saw dust.

blueberries, healthy food

The bottom Line is Keep it Simple, Natural & Nutritious. It's not that complicated and you don't need a trainer and you don't need to spend big bucks on special foods! 

You really can do this...

it is not that hard!

Garlic, health food

Some things you do want to eat daily if possible are, blueberries and garlic. A touch of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water before you go to bed, for digestion. Possibly Vitamin E for your eyes! Use 100% olive oil for cooking... in place of lard, butter or other vegetable oils. As time goes on you will discover what works best for you.

Your body will tell you what works...

All You Have To Do Is LISTEN! 

eat right, vegetables, older couple

Plan Ahead & Live Simply

2) To take the stress and worry out of getting older... either plan ahead to have sufficient support to live comfortably or learn to just live more simply... you don't have to keep up with the Jones'. Man looks on the outward appearance... God Doesn't! 

Either way... whether you're abounding or abased... staying healthy is the key... don't push the envelope as you get older... your body is not made for that. 26 hour days when you were 30, were an tiresome inconvenience... but a 26 hour day at 50 or 60 will cost you dearly and could be the end of you!

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3) If you have health problems come up, deal with them asap. Don't let little problems become big problems. Do dental check ups regularly and have your teeth cleaned every few months.

Move Out Of The Fast Lane

4) Avoid big crowds and overly busy places. You just don't hustle and bustle as well as you used to... so try and avoid folks that are moving to a different beat. There's lots of cool stuff to see and do that avoids the rush and doesn't cost a dime!

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5) Stay out of the sun. What your body could handle easily when you were young is a danger to you now. Lots of older folks start having moles and growths and rashes and they wonder why! Often it is just too much sun. If you have to be out, go with sun screen, but remember sun screen doesn't really cover everything... so wear a hat etc. The less sun the better.

Get Daily Exercise
Use It Or Lose It

6) Now that's not to say you shouldn't get your exercise, because exercise is a big key to staying healthy and aging with vigor. Psalm 90:10 The person that stays on the attack with their golf or long walks etc will... add not only days to their life... But more importantly...Add Life To Their Days!

exercise old couple, stretching, staying healthy

You'll feel better, you'll sleep more soundly, your mind 'll stay sharper and you'll enjoy life more! Old sit around Sam goes down hill pretty fast! Don't let that be you! MOVE! Use It... Or Lose It!

Everyday... Stretch... Walk... Do Something

push yourself, old people quote, exercise

For Staying Healthy There's Nothing
Like Drinking Lots Of Liquids 

7) Water down your juices (30% juice / 70% Water etc) and drink lots of liquids. Make sure and have regular bowel movements and keep your system circulating. You need to do this and if you don't your body will react badly. The touch of apple cider vinegar mentioned above, helps to keep things moving!

drink lots of liquids aging quote

Be A Giver... Dodie's Story

And by GIVING We're not talking cash...

That might play a roll in it, but everyone can give. Kindness to those you meet. Smile at the mailman, be kind to the grocery bag boy... look for folks you can encourage. Also look at the people around you... what do they need help and encouragement in.

Dodie Olsteen was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and given 3 weeks to live... what did she do... she went out and went to people who were sicker than she was and prayed for them. She got her eyes off herself and gave to others... that's how you get God's Blessing. Now 30 years later she is happy and healthy and enjoying her golden years.

dodie olsteen cancer survivor

She Got Her Eyes Off Herself
& On To The Needs Of Others

Click Here For a 30 Minute TV Show On Dodie's Inspiring Journey

Now With All That Said,
Welcome To...

the best years of your life, growing older, aging with grace, quote

This Will Be A Time 
When You Will See The Fruit Of All
Your Love, Care & Faithfulness!

growing old quote

 Great It Is To Dream The Dream
When You Stand In Youth By The Starry Stream
But A Greater Thing Is To Fight Life Through,
And Say At The End,
The Dream
Is True.

And We Take It Home With
Mary Maxwell Sharing A Fun & Humourous Prayer About Growing Old!

That's It For This One Friends…

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