Life With Purpose

Life With Purpose Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

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There Is A Life With Purpose For Us All

Every Honest Soul Has Questioned...

Is There...
A Reason Why I'm Here?

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Is It Just To Get and To Gain... To Endlessly Struggle For What Will Soon Pass Away... Or... Is There More?

Is There... A Reason... For Me?

Each of us is so precious. If we could see ourselves... as God sees us... we would understand just how important we are. Each life comes with certain gifts and qualities that are unique! Like a fingerprint... we are each stamped with a code for what we can do. The key is to understand & find the Gift that God has given you.

Steve Jobs Quote, find what you love to do

It doesn't have to be flashy and showy... we might just touch those around us. We might teach... or cook... or manage. We might drive... or defend... or nurture... but whatever it is... We Need To Find That Special Purpose... THAT SPECIAL SOMETHING that allows us to touch the world around us for God.

Those that seek to be something else... those that allow themselves to be discontent because they are not some Magazine Cover Girl or Sports Super Star will live a very sad and unhappy life!

Be What God Made You To Be

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You have such potential... such a gift, but you've got to find it. Don't be a square peg in a round hole. Sit back and look at your life and ask yourself... what am I good at? What do I Love To Do? What feels More Like Fun Than Work? What Do You Have A Passion For?

And Honestly...

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You Can Run The Race Just To Make It...

And Survive

Or You Can Run The Race To Fulfill

That Personal Call In Your Life.

There Is A



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We Were All Made To

Touch This World In A Special Way... 

We Just Need To Look For It...

Search It Out...

Find That Calling...

That Makes Our Life Special!

Find How We Can Make A Difference!

Maybe It's To Train A Child...

teaching, helping child

Or To Build A Bridge...

building bridge,

Or Run & Finish A Race...
That Cannot Possibly Be Won

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Be A Friend To Someone In Despair

a friend in need, despair, encouragement

Or Care For Someone In Need

Team Hoyt

Help A World That's Suffering

coming together benefit

Feed The Poor

soul kitchen bon jobi

Raise A Family

raising a family

Or Touch & Show The World With Your Last Breath... That Heaven Is Real

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There Is A Purpose That Only You Can Fulfill.

Big Or Small It Is The Magic
That Only Your Life Can Produce!

destiny quote

The Sad Thing Is When...
Folks Believe They Are Not Special...
ust The Way God Made Them...

They Often...

despair quote

It Only Leads To Sadness, Heartache & Pain
A Mistake We All Have Made...
But Hang On...
Because If You Give It A Bit Of Time...
Stay Humble...
Keep Life Simple...
You Will Find...
Your True Purpose & Calling.

Keep Searching...
Keep Breathing...

Rick Warren

Shares A Powerful Piece On
Living A Life With Purpose

For A Great & Blessed Life...

Find Your Calling

Follow Your Dream

Run Your Race With Purpose


Be The Person God Wants You To Be

Be Who You Were Made To Be

That's It For This One Friends…

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