Creation Calls

Creation Calls was penned & compiled By Peter O'Neill

Did You Ever Wonder...Is God Real?
What Does It All Mean?
Where Did It All Come From?
Is There Something I'm Missing?

Well I Did.
And So Did Every Honest, Sincere Person.
So How Can You Really Know?


Island being formed, creation vs evolution, in the beginning

Leonardo DaVinci's
 Rule Of Thumb

Leonardo DaVinci Once Said on the subject of Creation, "If I could only see the thumb"... "This one amazing thing... The majesty with which it works... The things that it can do... Then I Would Know There Was someone Who Created it All! I Would Know That God Is Real!" DaVinci was no dummy and he understood the intricacies of what it takes to operate the human hand.

leonardo Da Vinci

Anthony Flew
The Atheist Coup 

Antony Flew, Atheist Changes His Mind

Many modern day scientist have come to the same conclusion... like Anthony Flew (the foremost atheist of the last century) who in the 1960's wrote the bible on disbelief... titled...  "There Is No God!" 

antony flew, there is a god, creation

Years later... after painstaking studies he came to the conclusion that with all the intricacies of the universe... there had to be a designer... a creator. His most resent book is the same cover as the old book, but with the "NO" crossed out... and an "A" put in it's place.

andrew flew, there is a god, there is no god

He does not stand alone in his more mature judgement. Many scientist and great thinkers have taken an honest look at creation... and come to the same conclusion.

Somebody Must Have Made It All

When You Sit Back And See...
The Majesty of the Mountains...

majestic mountains, reflecting in lake

The Beauty of the Seas...

beach sunset, beautiful sea, ocean

The Stars...

star gazing, milky way, night sky

The Planets...

planets, saturn, jupiter

The Infinite Precision
Of The Sub Atomic World...

atomic particle. atom

All The Zillions of Things
That Work In Perfect Harmony...

Psalms 8, Moon and Stars, heaven quote, bible verse, quote

From The Most Massive Galaxy
To The Smallest Atom or Part Thereof
It's Not an Accident or Some Random Coincidence
Creation Calls
There is a Reason...

There is a Purpose...
The Truth is There for All To See

There is a God and He is Love.
We See Him Every Single Day
In All That He Has Marvelously Made
If You Ever Need Help...
Call Out To Him
He is Your Truest Friend.
Nothing is too Hard or Impossible
For The One Who Made It All

Post Script...

The amazing thing about creation is that it is a very clear explanation. When you study many of the theories put forth by seemingly very learned men they are often not very clear. Einstein once said, "if you can't explain something clearly then you don't understand it well enough"... and that really is the case with many teachers today. They want to present it all in a very "know it all way", but they don't really know it... at all.

So... sadly they teach and they teach and they teach and eventually the average kid gets the point this must be the truth and the way it is, but they have no idea of all that was shoved down their throat. The Theory is taken as Fact and folks wander around in a fog. Pretty sad when you think of it.

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

The clear explanation in the bible is solid... God Made The World and You and Me... And Everything In It! He made the Moon & The Stars... and everything right down to the smallest atom and micron. It was a Designed... Pre-meditated... Creation! Look at all the beauties that surround us and you will know that it is true!

Creation Calls
To Us All

That's It For This One Friends…

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