Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

love never fails, 1 Cor 13

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The Greatest Need Of Every Human Heart

In Any Country...
In Any Language...
In Any Culture...



Most people would agree that... Love Is Important... but some folks seem to think that to win the world... to witness their love & faith... they need to show their righteousness by being critical on those they are trying to reach. Big Mistake... no wonder they are frustrated when things don't work out. That route is not a winner!

You'll Never 
Lift Anyone 
By Looking Down On 'Em


John 3:17, Condemnation Quote

Jesus didn't come Down and Point a Finger at All Us Mere Mortals and Our Infinite Varity of Weaknesses and Mistakes and Problems. He Came Down Here... and Took on Our Form and Lived With Us... Suffering our Pain and Difficulties and Experienced Everything We Do and Loved Us.

I Became All Things To All Men That By Some Means... I Might Be Able To Win Them
1st Cor 9:22

He Loved Us... Despite of our sins and weaknesses... failings & shortcomings. He Saw Our Hearts & Regardless Of All The Rest... He Loved Us.

The Lesson In That Is...

Simple & Profound...

Love causes us to do the right thing

Love Never Fails

Helping Others, Soldier Saving Child, 1 Corinthians 13

Ya Wanna Win The World?

How Did Jesus Win the World... He Loved Us Enough Not to Just Walk a Mile in our Shoes... but a Lifetime in our Shoes... He didn't point a critical finger, but lived a loving life... and finally to prove He loved us... He took responsibility for all our failures and shortcomings and mistakes and paid the ultimate price of Our Sins... by Dieing for Us! 

Greater love hath no man than this... than a man lay down his life for his friends. That was how Great His Love Was… There Is No Greater!

john 15:13, God's Love Quote, greater love hath no man than this

So when you are faced with people or situations that don't quiet add up to your specs... be patient... be kind... be loving. Maybe they just don't know... maybe they never had the chances to learn like you did. Maybe no one has ever really loved them before.

A Sample Not A Sermon, Be The Love Of God

Sometimes the only Bible the world ever reads is the one bound in shoe leather... that's you and me. May God Help us To Be A Good Sample Of His Love.

Forgiving Others... With The Same
Mercy That He Forgave Us

Eph 4:32, Mt 6:14, Mt 18:21-35

How did He Win the World... He Won it through Love! Though it seemed like His ultimate defeat ... His Loving Sacrifice was His Greatest Victory! You Want to Win Others… You Want to Win the World…Then Read Between the Lines...

read between the lines, quote, Jesus cross, love never fails, jesus loves you

But I Say Unto You, Love Your Enemies, Bless Them That Curse You, Do Good To Them That Hate You, & Pray For Them Which Despitefully Use You, & Persecute You 
Matthew 5

Let Love Be Your Guide...
Your Inspiration And...
Your Standard.
Because Love...
And Only Love...

We Love Him & Others...
Because He First Loved Us.
1 John 4:19 

That's It For This One Friends…

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