Overcoming Adversity

Why A Bad Break Might Not Be... A Bad Thing

Overcoming Adversity Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill From The 21st CC Forum Pages

Never Give Up, adversity quote

Posts From The 21st CC Forums

From 21st CC: Hi there. Do you have some problem you need to talk about. Please post it here and we will be happy to answer what we can! Often just getting your issue out can really help! 

From JoeJoe: Ok...I'll bite. I recently broke my leg and lost my job because of it. I have three small kids and I don't know how we are going to make it. I feel like mud. My wife's pretty supportive, but it looks bleak. Any thoughts?  Thanks.

Bad Breaks, overcoming adversity quote

Re:From 21st CC: Hey Joe! So sorry about the leg. I know that really hurts. Had the same thing 7 or 8 years ago when I was driving home with my kids and stopped to help a neighbor who had gone into the ditch. To make a long story short I broke my ankle and foot in the attempt to help and was unable to work. It was crushing and I spent many sleepless nights troubled over the issue. Someone shared a poem with me that helped.

I Walked a Mile with Laughter and 
She Chattered All the Way
But Never a Thing Learned I from Her
For All She Had to Say

I walked a Mile With Sorrow and
Never a Word Said She
But Oh the Things I Learned that Day
That Sorrow Walked With Me

Never Give Up, Overcoming Adversity Quote

That Problem Made Me Desperate And

It Made Me A Better Man

I've been a missionary here in Japan and China for 30 years and I guess life had become pretty routine. After the accident it looked like I'd never walk again without a brace or crutch. After three months the casts came off and I started rehabilitation and that was tough. At 1st 10 feet, then 20, then 50 and so on.

Never Give Up, Overcoming adversity quote,

The thing that kept me was my faith in God and Prayer. I really was desperate and managed to overcome it. Took about 2 years before I could walk normally again, but I did and went on to climb higher mountains than I had ever climbed and do more than I had ever thought possible. God get's His Greatest Victories out of seeming defeat, but he often brings them along the neglected path of Praise.

Never Give Up, overcoming adversity quote

The Move You Make Now... Can... Determine Your Future

Though you might not see the end of this yet... you've got to know Joe that "All things work together for Good to them that Love God... Romans 8:28." If you know that God loves you... then he surely has a reason and a purpose for this... it's not an accident. I know you might be in a tight spot now, but give it some time and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes those darn Tunnels are long and dark and gloomy, but Joe they are a short cut through the mountain to get you to your ultimate destination. If nothing else Joe ... if all this happened to you... just to drive you to God for His Help... then it might be the best thing that ever happened to you. 

Overco0ming Adversity Quote, Encouraging Positive Quote, Harriet Beecher Stowe

Overcoming Adversity Molds Us Into Who We Are
& Who We Were Meant To Be

Many a man has later in life counted the Best & Greatest Thing that ever happened to him... as also having been the biggest difficulty & adversity he had to overcome! So don't be discouraged Joe... There is a light at the end of that tunnel and you can get there!

Please keep in touch and let us know how it goes! We Love You and Jesus Loves you and we know He can see you through this! God Bless and Help you to be Victorious through this very testing time of trial. 

Never Give Up, overcoming adversity quote

Re:From JoeJoe: Thanks for the encouragement! In overcoming adversity... I guess it's the insecurity that's the hardest! Please keep us in your prayers! I do agree with your comment that all things happen for a reason. Time will tell! Thanks again. 

Re:From JoeJoe:

JoeJoe on Sat 5 Sep 2009 - 12:37

Oh and they said today my leg wasn't as badly broken as 1st thought. So things are lookin' up!

JoeJoe Sept 30th Today at 2:40 am

Hey folks just a big thank You! The legs doing better and the cast comes off next week. More than that, it was just amazing, but I got a better job than the one I had before... better hours and more pay and I can spend more time with my family. Never would have happened if I hadn't of broken my leg in the first place. Most of all it has changed me inside and I have faith for tomorrow and to keep living no matter what happens.

My wife said to say thank you from her also... as she knew just how rotten I felt before I wrote in on your web thing! Thanks for your prayers and for helping me to see that getting closer to the Lord was the key and the answer to getting through the situation. I'm forever grateful.  


God Gets His Greatest Victories Out Of Seeming Defeat

PS. Joe went on to be a regular poster on our forums and at last contact was doin' great! You never lose by Hanging On To & Believing God For A Better Day! He Never Fails! Overcoming Adversity Is What Real Christianity Is All About!

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