Minamisanriku March 11th, 2011

The Minamisanriku Page was Written By Peter O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity


The Peaceful Fishing Village By The Sea


The Brevity of Life Strikes You When You Realize That These 9,500 People Were Swept To Their Deaths in Only 8 Minutes.


9,500 Souls Swept Away In 8 Minutes



It is awing to see how people will react when the chips are down. Some under pressure will act like dogs to save their own necks... while others will give up everything to save someone they hardly even know... because... deep down inside they realize that life is precious. 

In every disaster... every emergency... every difficulty this happens. It is that sense that there is something more precious than just once self... it is that touch of the eternal... of life... of hope... of faith.

Here Watchers Stand In Stunned Disbelief. First Crying Out For Their Relatives in The Valley Below... Then Yelling At Those They Can See To Run For Safety.

Many That Perished
Were Well With-in Room of Safety
But Just went On Business as Usual... Ignoring The Warnings...
Until They Were Swept Away!

In this disaster in Minamisanriku... with so many warning signs and flashing lights... many just ignored the warnings continuing on business as usual. It's so sad... BUT THERE IS A LESSON HERE!

We each one day will face our own disaster... our own personal Tsunami that will wash us away from this world. We are all going to die. The warnings are clear... the truth is apparent... YET... many ignore the facts and the consequences. They try and go on business as usual. What a mistake.

The thing is we each have a place of safety that we can go. Jesus drowned in the sins of this world that we might be saved. His life was washed away that we might find higher ground above the perils of death and judgement. God help us all to turn to him. In reality we know many will not... But You Can.

Here's An Example of Folks Amazed By What They Are Seeing Only To Finally Realize That They Were In Danger. Too Little Too Late!

Many Lulled To Sleep By Their Fortifications Which Were No Match To This Crisis!

May We Ever Face The
Realities Of Life
& Treasure God's Gift Of Salvation That Will Keep Us Through Whatever Lies Ahead!

Pray for Japan

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