Your Best Friend

Your Best Friend Was Penned & Compiled by Peter O'Neill

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Life Can Be Hard &
Everyone Needs Someone

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At some point we all are going to hit a wall... suffer a set back... face an obsticle that is more than we can handle on our own. Sickness, suffering, problems, pain & danger will visit us all. If that was the end of the story then I should title this "You Are Hopeless"... but that's not how the tale finishes. Because we all have HOPE. We all have someone who cares... WE ALL HAVE A FRIEND!

Hope restored

And Friendship Matters

In life... those that we are close to... those we can share our hearts with are important. Up or down... through the good and the bad... it is those that are close to us that make life magic. Without them, victories would be empty... and hard times would be unbearable. Friendship Is Essential!

The Journey Is Much Better
With A Friend

Can Fail Us

broken friendship

Problem is though, that people are fallible... time marches on... situations change... and it is in those times when we are alone... when everyone else forsakes us or can't help us, that we realize that we need something more. It is then that we reach out to find something... someone... who will really stick with us through Anything... Everything... Forever. It Is Then That A Sincere Soul Searches For God.

And He Is... Your Best Friend

Jesus your friend quote

You've Got a Friend... A Friend who really cares for you and all your Troubles, Problems, Difficulties… Sicknesses And Heartaches... The Works! He knew you from before you were born and he would do anything for you. Be you a Laborer in Lahore, a Technician in Tokyo, a Newsboy in New York, an Artist in Australia, a Plumber in Pyongyang or a Student in Saint Petersburg. He Is Your Best Friend! 

jesus smiling, happy

Your Best Friend cared for you so much and He knows you so well… that He knew you were Pretty Much Up a Creek Without a Paddle When It Came to Dying! It was a Curse put on men from the Beginning of Creation, but he came down here and lived with us and saw what our lives were like. The Good… The Bad… and The Ugly! He Saw It All and Walked Not Just a Mile In Our Shoes, But A Lifetime. 

Jesus, Salvation

In The End He Knew there was only One Way to Overcome Death… only one way to break the curse and That Was for Someone Who Was Blameless to Step In and Take Our Place and Take Our Punishment… Somebody had to Sacrifice and Die for all… and That… That Is What He Did!

Like A Sacrificial Lamb He Went
To The Slaughter

lamb of god, jesus sacrifice

They beat Him to a pulp, stripped Him, whipped Him, slashed Him, put a crown of thorns on His head and drove the barbs into his skull. They Mocked Him and Derided Him and then when they were going to kill Him… they made him carry the lumber up a huge hill where they were going to nail Him to it… and then they did it.

jesus carrying cross,

After hours of hanging… nailed to that wood, suffering the pains of our sins… paying for what we had done… He Died… and His enemies rejoiced! It looked like the greatest defeat that anyone had ever suffered and the same sucker that is behind all your troubles and problems inspired them to do it! You can be sure that ol’ boy was dancing with glee.

jesus on cross, christ of saint john of the cross, Salvador Dalí

But That's Not The End Of The Story

If that was it, then we’d all be in deep doo doo, but it’s not! On the morning of third day after His death, His lifeless body came back to life. 

Being SINLESS He had crushed death by taking the curse upon Himself. Then being blameless... He was brought back to life by the hand of God! 


He Died & Arose From The Dead
So That We Could Do The Same

In the process of all the suffering and pain… the horror of it all… He took the ultimate defeat and demise that we all face and crushed it, so that men could live forever. It Is The Greatest Gift That Any Friend Could Ever Give and The Greatest Love That The World Has Ever Seen.

No Greater Love Has Any Man Than This That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends. John 15:13

And Trust Me... Ya Gotta Know...

He Is...

Your Best Friend

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Let Me Say It Again...
He Is...
Your Best Friend

His name is Yeshua or as he is more commonly called today JESUS and all He wants from you is to receive His gift… believe in Him and Thank Him for what He Has Done. Pretty simple, but pretty profound! It is a decision of the heart that all must one day make. 

Some attack God as being unfair for putting people in Hell... But Actually Hell Is A Choice That Some Folks Make.

Choose Heaven or Hell

It’s not joining a church or a web group or anything… You Can’t buy it… you can’t earn it… it’s just a Simple Decision… Simple, but Massively Important. 

Receive Him Today

When I was a teenager I made that choice to receive Him and it Changed Me and took me out of a Huge Pit and gave me Hope and Love and a Reason to Live. Best thing I ever did! I do hope you will receive Him and His Precious Gift! It’s Up To You to Decide!  

As For Me...

Giving Your Life To Christ

Choose Him


Jesus Never Fails

The Bottom Line... You've Got A Friend
Who Really Loves and Cares for You
You Can Ask Him Into Your Life
Right Now

If You've Got Him Then...
You've Got A Friend From
Now Till The End Of Time

That's It For This One Friends…

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