Is There Life After Death ?

The Life After Death Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

It's a good question, because as of October 18th, 2015 the World Has 7.374 billion People. Each of them like you and me... with Dreams and Hopes, Fears and Worries, Goodness and Weakness... Each With One Common Fate, One Common Destiny...

We are all Going to Die!

What an unpopular subject that is... but what an amazing Surety! Be it a car crash, a disease, a war, an earthquake... life as we know it here... is going to end, BUT Life... is not going to end. There are a million examples of people who have temporarily died and come back from what awaits... they've come back to tell the tail.

Is There Life After Death

Some find it unbelievably wonderful and live their lives with the hope of what awaits. Others are terribly troubled and disturbed by their experience and seek to change their lives here for the better. Here... and in our "Life After Death" Forum Pages we hope to Explore the Subject of "What Awaits Us All!"

Hey Bud Is There Something More After Death?

Life After Death

The Proof Is In The Pudding
& The Folks That Have Died
& Come Back... 
Offer The Surest Picture Of The Truth

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There are literally thousands and thousands of examples of people who have died and come back to tell of it. Among near death experiences... It's almost more the rule than the exception. Here's one of the most credible from Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon Dr. Mary Neil.

To Heaven & Back

To Heaven & Back, Life After Death

Where Medicine Ends... God Begins

She Was Blue...
She Was Clammy...
She Was Dead

Even If You Don't Get It Now...
The Day Will Come When
You Will See Things Differently!

Heaven, Life After Death

Take A Moment to Consider It...

You Pop into the Doctor's Office to check on Why You Have this Constant Bad Headache or Stomach Ache ... and he sends you to do a series of tests and comes back with the shocking news that something is really wrong.

Or you're just minding your own business and crossing the street when some idiot runs a red light and Bingo!

Not You? Really??? Think Again

Doctor. Bad News, Death, Die, Sick

Don't Be Too Shocked...

Don't Take It All Too Seriously...

None Of Us
Are Gonna Make

It Out Of Here Alive

Bike Accident, Death, Life After Death

Now That's the Bad News...

But Here's the Good News...
There is Life After Death

Death Is Not The End

Clinical Proof Of Something More

Here... after a 4 year scientific study... a very skeptical reporter has to admit that there is something. Not the most full of faith presentation, but it shows... that LIFE AFTER DEATH is scientifically documented.

Why Is There Life After Death

There is a God who made us all... There is a plan for each of us... Much bigger than just this short life here.

We've all failed miserably and don't deserve it... But Nevertheless... God's Plan Continues.

If we were just left to ourselves that would be it. We have failed miserably and deserve death... but someone else took the punishment for us. Someone Already Died for You and me ... so we can Live forever! Someone built a bridge to Heaven for us.

3 Nails and 1 Hammer, Bridge to Heaven

Greater Love Has no Man Than This Than a Man Lay Down His Life for His Friends... And that was what Jesus Did For Us! He Died for all of us! He Took Our Every Failure, Our Saddest Mistake, Our Greatest Sin and Paid the Price for What We Did! All We Have To Do Is Acknowledge our Sin and Receive the Gift! The Bridge Home has Been Built and All we Have to Do is "See It"... "Believe It"... and "Take It!"

1 Peter 2:24

Joy & Eternal Peace To Every Soul That Receives Him!

Don't Worry everything is going to be OK

Jesus Died So That When That Fateful Day Comes...

We Can & Will LIVE

Life After Death, Wonderful Things Awaits, Heaven Awaits

Because Of Jesus...We Can
Laugh In the Face Of Death
& Live A Life Of Faith

Jesus Laughing

It's Not Something to Fear...

But Instead...
It Is Our Big Finish

The Hope Of Heaven, Life After Death

Then Heaven Awaits
And Friends...

Funny Gravestone, you ain't seen nothing yet

Heaven... Love, Life & Joy
For Us All...

It Won't Be Long... See You There

That's It For This One Friends…

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