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Sometimes... Some Folks Get It Right

Today we had the Great pleasure of Finding this New Great Site. We had been doing Link exchanges with a number of sites... many of which you will find on our "Great Links" page and we received an e-mail from the Webmaster at CRT.Com As we went to visit the site we were surprised at the vast amount of material prepared in a very clear and inspired layout. Right off the bat we were taken to Christian Videos which was a beautiful compilation of the Best Christian Material You can find on the Web. Many of the programs combined super songs with Realistic Graphics that brought the Gospel alive. What was going to be a quick 5 minute check lasted for hours and it was hard to stop for dinner.There were Great Poems, Bible Stories, Quotes and True Stories of those Martyred for the Faith.

Every Page had a beautiful quote at the top... like the following...

The True Essence of Faith

"A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul" Dwight L. Moody

Suffice It to Say

Suffice it to say we went through page after page of great material on a wide Variety of Subjects and found it hard to leave! If you are sincere and searching... this is a site you will want to see. Here's the Link! God Bless and Have a Great Visit!

PS. We Just Wanted To Add...

That when we opened shop here at 21st Century Christianity… the going was tough and slow. When Antonio (The Webmaster at Christian Resources Today) met us, he saw our potential and gave us the needed instruction and encouragement to build and grow. He was forever patient with our dumb and simple computer questions and very thorough in his teaching. Largely because of Antonio we were able to make it over some big hurdles and start having some major impact. Often folks will give you a ya ya ya, but it's a rare soul who will dive in to help a stranger in Need! Antonio was that one Rare Bear and God's Mercy On Us At That Pivotal Time in our History. A Good Honest & Sincere Man! God Bless Him!

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