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This just a fun page with neat Prayer Pics and Quotes on Prayer! A Little something to help us all stop for just a brief moment and realize how important this issue is! As the Quote says... "Life is Fragile... So Handle With Prayer"! Hope they are a Help to you!

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Ask And Ye Shall Receive, Seek And Ye Shall Find, Knock And It Shall Be Opened Unto You

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Sometimes it Pays to Pray

After years of planning, plotting, observing, cajoling, and visualizing, Petit walks the misty morning of August 7, 1974 between the World Trade Centers. He steps in scuffed ballet shoes onto the cable while his friend, Jean-Francois, waits in fear on the other side. Suddenly, after passing a tricky point, Petit grins. This is all captured on film: Petit’s shift from uncertainty into inhabiting his bodiless loft. He begins to play, crossing back and forth between the North and South towers 8 times.

This is a fellow who prayed... with all the slippery slopes of life doesn't it behoove us to pray also? We are never so near the abyss as when we are on the brink.

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Buzz Wrote in on Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:28 am

That sure gives room for thought! especially after what happened to the WTC in 2001! My Cousin was a Fireman and died there in the rescue. Guess when I think of that place I pray for Peace and Mercy on the World and for Protection Against all the Nut Jobs!

As my Paster said ... Prayer is not the least you can do... It Is The Most You Can Do!

World Trade Center, 9/11,

Serenity - Prayer Pics

Prayer... The Unmovable Object Meets The Unstoppable Force

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Early Bird Gets the Worm & The Desparate Heart Rising Early Gets The Answer To Prayer

Prayer Quote

When You Seek Me With All Your Heart... Then You Will Truly Find Me!

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The Lord Knows Your Heart...

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You Gotta Believe When You Pray...

Believe when you Pray, Prayer Quote, Prayer, Christian

God is Far More Able to Give.......

Than We Are To Receive

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